Offering Affordable Homes & Land 

Without all the Fees & Hassles of Dealing with Banks


The Benefits of Choosing to Work with Us:

  • No Credit Checks

  • Guaranteed Owner Financing

  • No Loan Origination Fees

  • No Closing Costs

  • No Prepayment Penalties

  • No Balloon Notes

  • Low Down Payments

  • Reasonable Monthly  Payments

  • Lease-With-Option

  • Fixer Uppers Can Be Remodeled as You  Desire

  • Rent - to - Owns

  • Foreclosures Often Available at Below Market Value


  • No Required Appraisal Fees

  • No Mortgage Insurance

  • Available to Both Owner-Occupants and Investors

  • Down Payments can be Funded by Your Own Savings, a Gift, a Grant, a Loan from a Nonprofit Organization, State or Local Government, or Employer

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