Terms and Conditions

The Lessee/Purchaser will be responsible for paying any and all property charges, operating costs, and other expenses such as taxes, assessments, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and repairs, etc. All properties are conveyed in an AS IS/WHERE IS condition, with Lessor/Vendor disclaiming any and all merchantability, tenantable condition, or fitness of the property, except that it is conveyed in it’s present condition. The Lessor/Vendor will not be responsible for any repairs, maintenance, or improvements whatsoever. All improvements made to the premises shall be made at the sole expense of the Lessee/Purchaser and shall become permanent fixtures of the real property.  All properties are presented as fixer-uppers and in need of repairs. The Lessor has not lived on the premises and therefore can not provide a complete nor accurate disclosure as to the property's condition.  No guarantees are or have been expressed or implied.  Any and all statements made by the Seller/Lesser are subjective, and do not release the Buyer/Lessee from their responsibility to perform due diligence, or from their responsibility to fulfill the terms of any lease or purchase agreement.  All payments including but not limited to earnest money, deposits, down payments, option fees, and rents, regardless of how payment was received, are 100% non-refundable.

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